Project Information


The project is inteded to:

  1. enhance/improve access to mass transit facilities; and
  2. improve the mobility and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists crossing MD 355/Rockville Pike,
  3. improve traffic operations at the signalized intersection of South Wood Road, South Drive, and MD 355 and
  4. improve the capacity and operation of the intersection of MD 355 (Rockville Pike) and Jones Bridge Road/Center Drive.


The project includes a proposed shallow underpass below MD 355, new deep high-speed elevators and emergency stairs on the NAVY side, and a new deep tunnel connection between the new deep high speed elevator and the existing Metrorail tunnel. In addition, roadway surface improvements include traffic signal, pavement resurfacing, full-depth pavement, sidewalk/bike path, median work, and stormwater management facilities; extension of the southbound MD 355 left turn lane in the existing median of MD 355 to improve queuing for vehicles turning left onto South Wood Road; and MD 355/Jones Bridge Road intersection improvements (curb radius expansions and reductions, improved sidewalks and a shared use path, pedestrians crosswalks, traffic signals, drainage, and paving).

Project Area

MD 355 Crossing Study (BRAC) Project Area

The project area is located between the west and east sides of MD 355/Rockville Pike at its intersection with South Wood Road and South Drive in Bethesda.